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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Coach is somebody who helps a person or a team to improve their technique or style in a sport.
Trainer is somebody who teaches the skills needed for something.
Instructor is somebody who helps a person learn a new sport.
Coach es alguien que ayuda a una persona o equipo a mejorar en su técnica o estilo en un deporte.
Trainer es alguien que enseña las habilidades necesarias para algo.
Instructor es alguien que ayuda a una persona a aprender un nuevo deporte.
  • coach
    The coach was happy with the performance of the team.
    Our coach is always complaining about our lack of style.

  • trainer
    She works as a teacher trainer (=She trains future teachers).
    He's a dog trainer (=He teaches some skills to the dogs).

  • instructor
    My skiing instructor was happy with my performance.
    The driving instructor couldn't believe that she didn't know how to start the car.

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