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Goal is the act of scoring in a match. It's also something that you hope to achieve in the future.
Gaol is a British word for jail.
Jail is the place where convicted criminals are sent to serve their prison sentences.
Goal es el acto de marcar en un partido. También es algo que esperar lograr en el futuro.
Gaol es una palabra británica para significar jail (cárcel).
Jail es el lugar donde se lleva a los delincuentes convictos para cumplir su sentencia.
  • goal
    Beckham scored the first goal.
    His goal was to have his own company.

  • gaol
    The thief was finally sent to gaol.
    The arrested man was released from gaol for lack of evidence.

  • jail
    He has been in jail for three years.
    She's serving a 3-year jail sentence.


We thank Francis Dixon-Clarke (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) for his contribution.

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