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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Money is the general word for the notes and coins used to buy things.
Currency is used to refer to the money of a particular country.
Cash is used to emphasize the reference to notes and coins (and not credit cards, debit cards or cheques).
Change refers to coins, or to the money you get back when you pay for something.
Money es el término genérico para los billetes y monedas usados para comprar cosas.
Currency se usa para referirse al dinero de un país en particular.
Cash se usa para enfatizar la referencia a billetes y monedas (y no tarjetas de crédito, tarjetas de débito o cheques).
Change se refiere a las monedas, o bien al dinero que te devuelven al pagar algo.
  • money
    Can you lend me some money?
    How much money do you need?

  • currency
    The local currency is the euro.
    This bank can supply you with foreign currency.

  • cash
    You have to pay in cash, they don't accept credit cards.
    All the cash was taken by the burglars.

  • change
    Excuse me, have you got change for a dollar?
    Here's your change, madam.

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