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The most frequent explanation is that program is used in the USA and programme is used in the UK. However, this is not totally correct.

In fact, in the UK both forms are used, whereas in the States only one is used (program).

In the UK program is used when we talk about computer programs and programme is used to refer to schedules, timetables and the like.
La explicación más frecuente es que program se usa en los Estados Unidos y programme se usa en el Reino Unido. Sin embargo, no es del todo correcta.

En realidad, en el Reino Unido ambas formas son usadas, mientras que en los Estados Unidos se usa sólamente una (program).

En el Reino Unido program se usa cuando se habla de programas de computación y programme se usa para referirse a calendarios, horarios y similares.
  • program
    I have a good program on my computer.
    I write computer programs for a living.

  • programme
    I am on a good training programme at work.
    I have a strict programme of study.


We thank Francis Dixon-Clarke (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) for his contribution.

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