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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Close and shut have the same meaning, but close is more formal than shut.
Lock means to close/shut with a key, padlock or bolt.
Close y shut tienen el mismo significado, pero close es más formal que shut.
Lock significa cerrar con llave, candado o cerrojo.
  • close (closed, closed)
    Close the door, please!
    All the shops here close on Sundays.

  • shut (shut, shut)
    Shut the door, please!
    Did you remember to shut the gate?
    Don't shut yourself in your room.

  • lock (locked, locked)
    Lock the door, please!
    Did you remember to lock the gate?

  • Related words and expressions
    to close down
    : close permanently. That shop closed down.
    to shut up: be quiet. Shut up, please!
    to lock up: shut and lock completely. They locked up the house before going (they locked all the doors and windows).
    locker (n): place where things are kept and locked at a school, in a club, in a dorm
    lock (n): what is used to lock something
    shutter (n): wood or metal cover used for windows or shops

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