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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
House is used to talk about a type of building.
Home is used to talk about the place where someone lives and feels that he  belongs to.
House se usa para hablar de un tipo de construcción.
Home se usa para hablar del lugar donde alguien vive y al que siente que pertenece.
  • house
    You have a beautiful house, Mary!
    This house was built in the sixteenth century.
    I'd like to move here, so I'm looking for a new house in this neighbourhood.

  • home
    Oh, home, sweet home!
    She lives a long way from home.
    He left home at eighteen.

  • Related words
    : giving great attention to the care and appearence of one's home
    housework: work done in a house
    homework: work given to students to be done at home
    homesick: sad because one is away from home
    homeless: without a home

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