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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Slide means to move smoothly across a surface.
Slip means to accidentally slide and usually then fall down.
Skid means to slide in an uncontrolled way.
Slide significa moverse suavemente sobre una superficie.
Slip significa deslizarse accidentalmente y generalmente luego caerse.
Skid significa deslizarse de forma descontrolada.
  • slide (slid, slid)
    The kids slid across the ice.
    Tears began to slide down her cheek.

  • slip (slipped, slipped)
    She slipped on the ice and fell down.
    This surface is slippery, be careful not to slip.

  • skid (skidded, skidded)
    The car skidded as we turned onto the highway.
    The bus skidded on the snow.

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