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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Thin is a general word to refer to somebody with little fat on his body. It's usually disapproving.
Skinny means very thin in an unattractive way.
Slim means thin in an attractive way.
Thin es una palabra genérica para referirse a alguien con poca grasa en su cuerpo. Normalmente es de desaprobación.
Skinny significa muy flaco en una forma poco atractiva.
Slim significa delgado en una forma atractiva
  • thin
    She's too thin; she should eat more.
    He's tall and thin, with long brown hair.

  • skinny
    She's very skinny; she should eat more.
    Some models are too skinny.

  • slim
    She has a lovely slim body.
    His girlfriend is a slim young woman.

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