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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Fear is a noun. It refers to the feeling of being afraid. You can't say I have fear, you must say I am afraid or I am frightened.
Afraid and Frightened are adjectives. They both mean being frightened because something bad may happen.
Fear es un sustantivo. Se refiere al estado de tener miedo. No se puede decir I have fear, debes decir I am afraid o I am frightened.
Afraid y Frightened son adjetivos. Ambos significan tener miedo porque algo malo puede suceder.
  • fear
    She has fear of flying.
    People must be able to express themselves without fear.
    He has fear of dogs.

  • afraid
    She was afraid of being caught by the police.
    The little kid was afraid of the dark.
    Don't be afraid. The dog's not going to hurt you.

  • frightened
    She was always frightened of her father.
    She was frightened of being left alone in the house.
    Don't be frightened. The dog's not going to hurt you.

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