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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Job is the work that people do to earn money, especially when they work for a company or public organization.
Work is a general word to refer to activities that people do to earn money, like working for a company or for themselves.
Occupation is used to refer to the kind of work that somebody does. It's used mainly on official forms.
Profession is a kind of work for which you need special education or training. For example, a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor.
Job es el trabajo que la gente hace para ganar dinero, especialmente cuando trabajan para una empresa u organización pública.
Work es una palabra genérica para referirse a actividades que la gente realiza para ganar dinero, como trabajar para una empresa o por ellos mismos.
Occupation se usa para referirse al tipo de trabajo que alguien hace. Se utiliza principalmente en formularios oficiales.
Profession es un tipo de trabajo para el que necesitas una educación o entrenamiento especial. Por ejemplo, un abogado, un maestro, un doctor.
  • job
    She got a new job in a shopping centre.
    My last job was for a computer firm.

  • work
    He started work when he was 18.
    After three days off, she went back to work last Monday.

  • occupation
    Please fill in the form with your name, age and occupation.
    Manual occupations are becoming more important in our world.

  • profession
    Members of the teaching profession are not very well paid.
    The medical profession is not for everyone.

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