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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Under is used to say that something is at a lower level than something else, or covered by it. It's a preposition.
Underneath means the same, but it's used when something is hidden or covered by something else. It can be a preposition or an adverb.
Under se usa para decir que algo se encuentra en un nivel más bajo que otra cosa, o que está cubierto por esa cosa. Es una preposición.
Underneath significa lo mismo, pero se usa cuando algo está escondido o cubierto por otra cosa. Puede ser una preposición o un adverbio.
  • under
    He carried a magazine under his arm.
    She was wearing a sweater under her coat.
    The cat is under the table.

  • underneath
    Her hair was hidden underneath a large hat.
    The railway goes underneath the road.
    We found a box underneath the floorboards.

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