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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Customer is the general word to refer to someone who buys something from a shop.
Client is used to refer to someone who pays for a service from a professional person or company.
Patron is used to refer to someone who eats or drinks something in a restaurant, bar, pub, etc.
Customer es la palabra genérica para referirse a alguien que compra algo en un negocio.
Client se usa para referirse a alguien que paga por un servicio de una persona profesional o una empresa.
Patron se usa para referirse a alguien que come o toma algo en un restaurante, bar, pub, etc.
  • customer
    We receive many more customers during Christmas.
    The customer is always right.
    A customer has just entered the store and bought the last camera that we had.

  • client
    That lawyer has a lot of clients.
    The director had a meeting with a new client.
    The new hairdresser has already many clients.

  • patron
    Patrons are asked to refrain from smoking.
    We offer facilities for disabled patrons.
    Patrons are welcome to leave their comments on our guest book.

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