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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Place is a general word to talk about where something/somebody is.
Location is used in formal or business English to talk about where something is.
Position is used to talk about where something is in relation to other things.
Place es una palabra genérica para hablar de dónde se encuentra algo/alguien.
Location se usa en inglés formal o de negocios para hablar de dónde se encuentra algo.
Position se usa para hablar de dónde se encuentra algo en relación a otras cosas.
  • place
    We live in a place called Sunny Club.
    The place wall full of people.
    The place where he works is near his house.

  • location
    The hotel is in a central location.
    The GPS shows the location of moving objects.
    The strategic location of this supermarket allows them to sell more than any other shop.

  • position
    The hotel is in a central position near Main Square.
    The position of the furniture in the room is important in feng shui.
    The position of the telescope must be accurate.

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