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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Lawyer is the general word in British English for somebody who has professional training in legal work.
Attorney is the general word in American English.
Solicitor is a lawyer in Britain who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.
Barrister is a lawyer in Britain who represents a client in court.
Lawyer es la palabra genérica en inglés británico para nombrar a alguien que tiene entrenamiento profesional en materia legal.
Attorney es la palabra genérica en inglés americano.
Solicitor es un abogado en Gran Bretaña que brinda consejos legales y prepara documentos legales.
Barrister es un abogado en Gran Bretaña que representa a un cliente en la corte.
  • lawyer
    You should consult a lawyer.
    He would like to become a lawyer.

  • attorney
    You should consult an attorney.
    The company will pay the attorney's fees.

  • solicitor
    The document should be signed by a solicitor.
    Her solicitor explained how to solve her problem.

  • barrister
    The barrister representing the boy went before the Court of Appeal.
    The barrister told the court her client had been seriously injured.

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