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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Course means 'a series of lessons on a particular subject'. It also has other meanings.
Curse means 'a swear word'; 'a word or sentence used to do something bad to somebody'; or 'something that causes trouble'.
Course significa 'una serie de lecciones sobre un tema determinado'. También tiene otros significados.
Curse significa 'una palabrota'; 'una palabra u oración usada para hacer mal a alguien'; o 'algo que causa problemas'.
  • course
    You should take a course on computer science.
    She follows an Italian course on TV.
    I decided to take a course in English.

  • curse
    He muttered a curse under his breath.
    She was convinced that somebody had put a curse on her.
    Pollution is one of the curses of modern times.

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