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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Raise is a regular verb (raise-raised-raised).
It's transitive (takes an object), raise something.
Rise is an irregular verb (rise-rose-risen).
It's intransitive (takes no object), something rises.
Raise es un verbo regular (raise-raised-raised).
Es transitivo (lleva un objeto), raise something.
Rise es un verbo irregular (rise-rose-risen).
Es intransitivo (no lleva objeto), something rises.
  • raise (raised, raised)
    He raised his hand to answer the question.
    She raises her voice when she gets angry.

  • rise (rose, risen)
    The sun rises in the east.
    Prices have risen lately.



Level of this activity: DifficultExercise - Raise or rise? - Difficult

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