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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Rain refers to the water that falls in small drops from clouds.
Rein refers to the band of leather fastened around a horse's head to control it. It's also used in the expressions 'to give free/full rein to something' (=to allow an emotion to be expressed freely), 'to keep a tight rein on something' (=to control something strictly), 'to take over the reins' (=to take control).
Rain se refiere al agua que cae en prequeñas gotas de las nubes.
Rein se refiere a la tira de cuero ajustada alrededor de la cabeza de un caballo para controlarlo. También se usa en las expresiones 'to give free/full rein to something' (=permitir que una emoción se exprese libremente), 'to keep a tight rein on something' (=controlar algo estrictamente), 'to take over the reins' (=tomar el control).
  • rain
    The rain has stopped, let's go out!
    I'm singing in the rain!
    Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

  • rein
    The rein of that horse is quite old, they should change it.
    She gave free rein to her imagination.
    The boss keeps a tight rein on spending.

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