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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Faint means 'to become unconscious for a short time'.
Feint means 'to pretend to hit somebody, to make a movement to distract the adversary, to make a deceptive action'.
Faint significa 'volverse inconsciente por un rato'.
Feint significa 'fingir golpear a alguien, hacer un movimiento para distraer al adversario, tener una acción engañosa'.
  • faint
    When she saw the mouse under the table, she fainted.
    Many people fainted in the blazing heat.
    There was so much smoke that one firefighter fainted.

  • feint
    The boxer feinted and the crowd was surprised.
    The national army feinted to distract the enemy from the real attack.
    The midfielder feinted to shoot.

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