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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

strange Not previously known, seen, felt; not familiar
Never accept gifts from strange men.
odd Unusual, peculiar
She always wears odd clothes.
bizarre Strange in appearance
This situation looks bizarre to me.
funny Difficult to explain or understand; slightly insane
The car engine is making a funny noise.
A funny little man was walking down the street.
queer Strange in an unpleasant way
This fish has a queer taste.
weird Unnatural, unconventional
He has a weird hairstyle.
eerie Causing a feeling of mystery and fear because it's strange
I heard an eerie scream coming from the house.
It's eerie to walk through a dark forest at night.
freak Very unusual event or action
It never rains like this here, it's a freak storm.
The region has been having a freak weather lately.
quaint Attractively odd or old-fashioned
That lady has quaint old customs.
peculiar Odd, in a troubling or displeasing way
I can distinguish that peculiar taste.
whimsical Full of odd or playful behaviour
He's got a whimsical sense of humour.
fishy (in slang) Strange, peculiar
This is a fishy business; I don't like it at all!
uncanny Mysterious, not natural or usual
It was uncanny to hear his voice from such a distant place.
fantastic Very strange
The painter drew fantastic shapes here.
curious Strange and interesting
What a curious thing to say!


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That's curious!
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