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  • Level: Beginner
  • Age: Under 8
  • Subject: Body parts


The elephant walks
Like this and like that.
(Get down on all fours and walk)

He's very tall.
(Stand up and stretch yours arms up)
And he's very fat.
(Stretch your arms out to your sides)

He has no fingers.
(Hold your hands up, hiding your fingers)
But he does have toes.
(Touch your toes)

And, oh my god,
What a nose!
(Use your arm to form the elephant's trunk)


  • Before starting the song, make sure that the students know the body parts (nose, fingers and toes).

  • A warm-up activity consists of calling all students to touch their nose / fingers / toes / etc. The teacher performs the action together with the students several times. Then, the teacher may perform an action that does not correspond to the command given to test student's comprehension. The students that fail are eliminated. The winner is the last student.





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