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  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Age: Above 12

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending this idea.

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Choose the word from the list that matches the definition.

accountant actor architect author baker bartender butcher caretaker cashier chef civil servant clerk computer operator / programmer cook construction worker decorator dentist doctor driver garbage-man (refuse collector) economist editor electrician farmer fisherman film director flight attendant hairdresser jeweller journalist judge lawyer miner musician nurse optician painter pharmacist photographer plumber pilot police officer porter prison guard receptionist sailor server salesperson scientist secretary soldier surgeon tailor teacher telephone operator travel agent TV cameraman veterinarian waiter writer warden

The person who...
acts in a play or movie.
arranges travel plans for clients.
bakes bread, cakes, etc.
builds buildings.
catches fish.
cooks food in a restaurant.
collects payment for merchandise.
cuts and styles hair.
decorates houses, offices, etc.
does general office work.
designs buildings.
earns money driving.
enforces the law and arrests criminals.
finds and corrects mistakes in other's writings.
flies an airplane.
gathers and delivers news.
greets visitors at an office.
handles correspondence and does clerical work.
hears and determines cause in a court of law.
helps people make phone calls.
helps students learn various subjects.
installs and repairs water fixtures.
is employed as a government worker.
is hired to carry baggage.
is specialised in science.
keeps order at a jail or prison.
maintains financial records.
makes or mends or alters clothing.
makes and serves beverages at a pub or bar.
makes jewellery.
operates a farm.
operates the recording camera for a television program.
paints houses, apartments or other structures.
performs operations on the body.
plays a musical instrument.
picks up and gets rid of your trash.
practises law.
prepares and dispenses medical drugs.
prepares food.
prepares meat to be sold to customers.
sells merchandise or services.
serves food and takes care of passengers on an airline.
serves food in a restaurant.
studies, works, in the field of economics.
specializes in the treatment of the eyes.
takes care of graveyards.
takes care of patients.
takes pictures, usually for money.
tells actors what to do on the movie set.
treats animal illnesses.
treats diseases of the body.
treats diseases of the teeth.
serves in the armed forces.
writes books, plays, and other literary works.
writes professionally.
writes software programs.
works installing and repairing electric equipment.
works on a ship.
works digging minerals out of the ground.

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