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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Age: Above 12

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending this activity.

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Write something related to the story using these words or phrases.

proud to
to be involved
good-for-nothing husband
would soon be happening
having a tantrum
backed out of number four's drive
a trick of the light
gave himself a little shake
drummed his fingers on the steering wheel
whispering excitedly together
in his office on the ninth floor
owl-free morning
in a very good mood
he'd stretch his legs
stopped dead
changed his mind
almost knocked to the ground
stood rooted to the spot
to catch the last report on the evening news
haven't heard from
looked shocked and angry
as casually as he could
lay awake
an uneasy sleep
eyes fixed unblinkingly
fancy seeing you
no reason to lose our heads
I'm rather fond of
was frightened of
had reached the point
how in the name of heaven
every child in our world will know his name
you can't pretend he's not careless
like a bolt of lightning

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