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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Age: Above 12

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending this activity.

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Responde a las siguientes preguntas.

1. Who saw some fine bunches of grapes?

2. Where were the grapes?

3. Where was the vine trained?

4. How was the fox?

5. How were the grapes?

6. Where were the grapes hanging from?

7. What are grapes?

8. What is a fox?

9. How was the trellis?

10. What did the fox do to reach the grapes?

11. Were the grapes out of reach?

12. What did the fox do then?

13. Where from did the fox walk away?

14. How did the fox walk away?

15. What did the fox remark?

16. Were the grapes sour?

17. Who had an air of dignity and unconcern?

Verdadero o falso?

The fox saw some bunches of ripe grapes.

The fox was hungry and wanted to eat the grapes.

The grapes were hanging from a tree.

Some bunches of grapes were ripe and some were not.

The fox tried to reach the bunches of grapes.

The bunches of grapes were fine.

The fox tried to jump into the air to reach the grapes.

The fox tried to climb the trellis to get the grapes.

The grapes were hanging from a trellis.

The grapes were very high, so the fox couldn't reach them.

The fox finally got some bunches of grapes.

The fox did his best to reach the grapes.

It was in vain, he couldn't reach the bunches of grapes.

The fox gave up.

The fox walked away from the vine trellis and called other foxes

The trellis was full of wine.

The fox was very humble and walked away.

The fox was very unconcerned about the grapes.

The fox was full of dignity.

The fox didn't stop jumping at the trellis.

The grapes were out of reach from the fox.

The bunches were hanging from the trellis.

The fox didn't find any way to get to the grapes.

The fox told a lie, the grapes were fine.

The fox couldn't reach the grapes so he told us they were not ripe.

The fox tried to convince himself that the grapes were sour.

The fox is like mice.

The fox laid a golden egg.

The fox was made of gold.

The grapes jumped into the air.

The fox didn't like the grapes.

The fox was angry, not hungry.

There were a lot of grapes in the trellis.

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