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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

to kick Hit something with your foot
to kick the bucket (in slang) Die
to kick the habit Give up an addiction
He finally kicked the habit and stopped smoking.
to kick one's heels Have nothing to do while waiting for something
He had to kick his heels for hours because the bus was so late.
to kick up one's heels To enjoy oneself at a party
John passed his final exams. Now he's going to kick up his heels for a few days to celebrate.
to kick up a dust Make a fuss
to kick up a fuss Cause a disturbance, protest about something
to kick somebody upstairs Promote somebody to a position apparently more important, just to get rid of him
to kick around Be present
The idea had been kicking around for some days before it was implemented.
to kick something around/round Discuss informally
They kicked some ideas around and finally make a decision.
to kick off Start a football match
Manchester kicked off and scored in the first minute.
to kick something off Begin a meeting, a discussion
He asked me to kick off the discussion.

Remove something by kicking
He entered the house and kicked off his shoes.

to kick somebody out Expel somebody by force
He was kicked out of the business for fighting.
a kick in the teeth Unpleasant and unexpected action
The idea turned out to be a kick in the teeth for all the employees.
alive and kicking Still living, in good health
I'm glad to hear that he's alive and kicking.

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