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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
¿Qué es un idiom?
Un "idiom" o "idiomatic expression" es una frase idiomática utilizada en lenguaje coloquial informal.

En general, el significado de la frase en sí es diferente al significado normal de cada palabra por separado. Por ejemplo, "to let the cat out of the bag" significa "revelar un secreto". Si traducimos palabra por palabra, sería "dejar salir al gato de la bolsa", lo cual es incorrecto.

La dificultad para los estudiantes de inglés radica en que no pueden traducirse literalmente y deben aprenderse de memoria, aunque en algunos casos existen equivalentes muy similares en el idioma español.

Lee las explicaciones y luego realiza el ejercicio.

  • and all that jazz = and things like that.
    I need some glue, paper, string and all that jazz to make a kite.
  • to blow your own trumpet (UK) / horn (US) = talk a lot about your own achievements.
    Peter spent the whole evening blowing his own trumpet.
  • to call the tune = be in a position of authority to give orders and make decisions.
    In his job, Peter was able to call the tune.
  • to change one's tune = change one's ideas, start thinking in a different way, after something has happened.
    After the strike, will the president change his tune on taxes?
  • (as) clear as a bell = very clear.
    I fixed the radio, so now all the stations come in clear as a bell.
  • to dance to somebody's tune = do what somebody wants you to do.
    She's always dancing to her husband's tune.
  • to face the music = accept punishment for something.
    He made a big mistake but he can't still face the music.
  • to be music to one's ears = exactly what one wants to hear.
    His words were music to her ears.
  • to play something by ear = decide what to do according to the way something develops, without making exact plans.
    Depending on the weather, we'll play it by ear.
  • for a song = very cheaply.
    He bought his house for a song two years ago.
  • to make a song and dance about something = behave as if it was worse or more important that it really is.
    She made a song and dance about her aching feet, but it was nothing important.
  • it takes two to tango = when things go wrong, both sides are responsible for it.
    Stop blaming me for it, you know it takes two to tango!
  • to be fit as a fiddle = be in perfect health.
    She's 80, but still fit as a fiddle.
  • to play second fiddle (to somebody) = be in a lower position than somebody.
    He can't make any decisions, he just plays second fiddle to his boss.
  • to strike a chord = say something that people feel is familiar.
    Most of the things she says will strike a chord with other young women.
  • to whistle in the dark = try to show that you are brave when you are afraid, or that you know something when in fact you don't.
    He doesn't know what he's talking about, he's just whistling in the dark.

We thank Diego Arcos Cerda (from Quito, Ecuador) for his contribution.


Choose the right answer.

1. My husband is the manager so he always .

2. Oh, Romeo, you are so sweet. I must admit that your words are .

3. I don't want to sit near James at the party, he's always .

4.Stop complaining about your headache! Don't !

5. I bought these old records at the flea market last week.

6. After the accident, she on life.

7. Stop giving me orders, dear! I don't to anyone!

8. She's just but she's really very afraid.

9. You were wrong, you shouldn't have hit him. Now you should .

10. We lost our most valuable customer, and I'm sorry, but you know that .

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