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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Word building

Fill in the blanks with a word formed from the word given.
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1. They installed a new water cooler in our office that (pure) the water.

2. I need to (wide) this skirt.

3. The computer system requires (maintain) checks every month.

4. The service was so (standard) that I refused to pay at all.

5. Sorry, but your skirt is completely (see) when you stand in the sun.

6. There are many (privilege) children in poor countries that need help from charities.

7. We need a new (authorise) before we proceed with the next step.

8. For many years the soldiers still suffered from traumatic (flash) after the war.

9. He got so nervous that he dropped the (arm) of books he was holding.

10. The doctor said that she had an (normal) level of cholesterol.




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