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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Chemist's is the shop where medicines are sold. It's only used in British English.
Pharmacy is the place where a pharmacist works. In American English, this may be a shop or a part of a hospital. In British English it's used only to refer to a part of a hospital.
Chemist's es el negocio donde se venden medicamentos. Se usa solamente en inglés británico.
Pharmacy es el lugar donde trabaja un farmacéutico. En inglés americano, puede ser un negocio o una parte de un hospital. En inglés británico se usa solamente para referirse a una parte de un hospital.
  • chemist's
    We need aspirins. Tomorrow I will go to the chemist's.
    She went to the chemist's but forgot to take the needed prescription.

  • pharmacy
    We need aspirins. Tomorrow I will go to the pharmacy.
    She's been working for the hospital pharmacy for five years.

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