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We offer some activities based on the lyrics of this song.

We thank Francisco Cerrillo (a teacher from Madrid, Spain) for sending this idea.

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2. Busca la palabra escondida.

Ej. I'm with you. Personal pronoun for things in singular: IT
I'm with you.

I'm standing on the bridge A conjunction.
I'm waiting in the dark Personal pronoun for the masculine.
I thought that you'd be here by now A preposition for places.
There's nothing but the rain A negative adverb.
No footsteps on the ground The father and the male child.
I'm listening but there's no sound The number after nine.
Isn't anyone trying to find me The first number.
Won't somebody come take me home The past tense of meet.
It's a damn cold night When you are not happy, you are...
Trying to figure out this life A multiple fruit having numerous tiny seedlike fruits.
Won't you take me by the hand In a direction away from the inside.
Take me somewhere new At or in this place.
I don't know who you are but I At the present time.
I'm looking for a place A male sovereign.
I'm searching for a face A curve with the ends down and the middle up.
Is anybody here I know The physical part of a person.
Cause nothing's going right Slender in form, build, or stature.
And everything's a mess In a high degree.
And no one likes to be alone Twelve o'clock in the daytime; midday.
It's a damn cold night Relatively advanced in age.
Trying to figure out this life The possessive form of he.
Why is everything so confusing Used to indicate position above and supported by or in contact with.
Maybe it's just out of my mind The objective form of we.


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