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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
¿Qué es un idiom?
Un "idiom" o "idiomatic expression" es una frase idiomática utilizada en lenguaje coloquial informal.

En general, el significado de la frase en sí es diferente al significado normal de cada palabra por separado. Por ejemplo, "to let the cat out of the bag" significa "revelar un secreto". Si traducimos palabra por palabra, sería "dejar salir al gato de la bolsa", lo cual es incorrecto.

La dificultad para los estudiantes de inglés radica en que no pueden traducirse literalmente y deben aprenderse de memoria, aunque en algunos casos existen equivalentes muy similares en el idioma español.

Lee las explicaciones y luego realiza el ejercicio.

Idioms with FINGER

  • to have a finger in every pie = be involved in many activities.
    He's on the board of five companies, he likes to have a finger in every pie.
  • to twist someone round one's little finger = have someone under one's influence.
    She can twist him round his little finger, so she will convince him to go to the party.
  • to keep one's fingers crossed (for someone) = wish for luck.
    I have my final exam today, so keep your fingers crossed!
  • to get one's fingers burnt = suffer financially as a result of being careless.
    He got his fingers burnt dabbling in the stock market.
  • to not lift/raise a finger = to not make any effort to help someone.
    He can see that I'm busy, but he doesn't lift a finger.
  • to put one's finger on something = be able to explain what is wrong or unusual about something.
    There was something strange about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it.


Choose the right answer.

1. The 5-year-old boy could .

2. Thomas playing the lottery everyday.

3. I do all the work around the house. My husband never .

4. Peter wants to do many things, but in fact, you can't .

5. We are that she's going to be fine.

6. Everybody knew that she was a strange girl, but nobody could .

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