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The relationship between the British royal family and the press is really strange, to the least. In many aspects the yellow press should realise that the members od the royal family are indeed of great value for them.

Royal scandals and divorces published with indecent photographs have proved to be just the best way raising newspaper circulation. The same papers that showed emotion over royal weddings, later decided to hound many royals into divorce.

Every new picture became a cause for new rumour; even private conversations were reproduced without permission. the press has yet to understand is that intrusions into the privacy of the royal family have also contributed to develop an atmosphere in even the existence of the monarchy has been challenged.

The reputation of the royals has definitely suffered. And how could this not so when their own lives have been turned a ridiculous soap opera? Just the press creates the idea that TV characters are real people, so it has degraded the royal family to the status of series of lifeless characters. And if you think that's what they are, maybe you too are victim of that manipulation.

There are numerous issues still be debated about the historical function and the prestige of the royal family, to which the yellow press has hardly helped. If the monarchy lose its constitutional role, the press will be undoubtedly guilty. And ironically it will then killed the goose that laid the golden egg.


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