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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Word building

Fill in the blanks with a word formed from the word given. Versión para imprimir

1. The (comedy) went on stage with a round of applause.

2. Your help has been (value) to help me solve this problem.

3. Stop please! I'm really tired of your (child) behaviour.

4. The two friends had an (argue) about the cost of the party.

5. The (world) shortage of water will threaten life in the future.

6. The kids were amazed by the (real) of the horses on the carousel.

7. The (prospect) costs of providing higher pensions may affect the economy.

8. Fifty percent of voters said they would (will) pay higher taxes for better health care.

9. Last night I watched a (document) about life in space.

10. I can't believe John's (like) to his father.


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