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Missing word

Find the missing word that fits the three sentences. Versión para imprimir

1. I've already applied for the job but I think it's ________ unlikely that I'll get it.
The restaurant was ________ recommended in our guide but it was quite disappointing.
Mrs. Brown's students all think very ________ of her and consider her the best teacher at Oxford College.

2. The house may be viewed only by prior ________.
After their divorce, they came to an ________ about the custody of their children.
The flower ________ in the church was certainly beautiful.

3. The kids were in the mud and they left dirty ________ all over the floor.
His ________ have been a lot lower this term.
The kitten is mainly white with black ________ on the back.

4. He stole the money but he's trying to put the ________ on me.
In my opinion, the ________ lies with the police.
The court decided that the child's parents must share the ________ for what happened.

5. During the ________ of our conversation, it emerged that Sally had been born in Portugal.
The ticket includes entry and a four- ________ meal.
The plane changed ________ in order to avoid the storm.


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