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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Missing word

Find the missing word that fits the three sentences. Versión para imprimir

1. It was ________ to believe that she would react that way.
After a ________ day at work, I just want to relax at home.
In such a dry weather, the ground was too ________ to plough.

2. You should ________ your time with some activities.
Candidates must ________ this form before applying for the job.
Take a deep breath and allow your lungs to ________.

3. The ministers have come to town to see a Broadway ________.
Peter put on a ________ of regret all day.
They will need to find someone to run the ________.

4. His resignation triggered an incredible chain of ________.
In the normal course of ________, all mail are delivered within one day.
The World Cup will be one the major sporting ________ of the year.

5. Our service is tailored to ________ your needs.
Being in that situation, it's difficult for them to make ends ________.
Both paths ________ up with the main road.


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