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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Word building

Completa los recuadros con una palabra formada a partir de la palabra dada entre paréntesis. Versión para imprimir

1. He claimed that his (bring up) had caused him to become a criminal.

2. I am tired of your (child) behaviour. When are you going to grow up?

3. It was a difficult (pregnant) and she almost lost the baby.

4. She was shocked to find out she had been (adopt) .

5. He is thinking of taking early (retire) next year.

6. You would hardly think that she has two (teen) girls. She looks so young!

7. They were sent to an (orphan) run by nuns.

8. (adolescent) is traditionally a time when parents and children don't get on very well with each other.

9. (child) is a time that is supposed to be free of worries.

10. He was given a light sentence because of his (young) .


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