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Fill in the blanks with prepositions

Completa los recuadros con la preposición correcta. Versión para imprimir

1. They took part a demonstration against cruelty to animals.

2. She took pity the poor little kitten.

3. Julia is going to Kenya on business. She should take advantage being there and go on a safari.

4. Could you take care my dog while I'm away?

5. He takes pride the way his horse looks.

6. He took offence what his uncle said.

7. They didn't go to the zoo account of the bad weather.

8. The ambassador presented the zoo with the panda 
behalf of the Chinese government.

9. addition to her nine cats, she has three dogs.

10. He was given a puppy place of the dog that died.

11. The firemen rescued the cat from the tree means of a ladder.

12. He wrote a long reply answer to the complaint about his dog.


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